Dean's Student Affairs Committee

Dean's Dinner

DSAC is running a program called Dean’s Dinner where all of the Engineering Council’s RSO executive board will be invited to attend a dinner with the Deans. This event will be a way for students voice their concerns regarding the university and network with other organizations. There will be more information coming soon, please email Tyler Graham at if you have any questions.

Dean's Last Lecture

The Deans Student Advisory Committee is running a program called Dean’s Last Lecture where a Dean will prepare a hour long presentation on their lives. It will often times cover why they choose to be a professor/dean, their personal life and obstacles they have crossed along the way. There will be free food and a wonderful story to be heard.

DSAC Lunches

DSAC is ready to start a new year off with some DSAC lunches. Sign up, and get to know your Deans! (Not to mention free lunch!) Lunches are usually on Wednesdays and Fridays from 12PM - 1PM. Check back here at a later date to sign up.